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VST, Music, Production, Programming & Design

Robert Ellis Langford
AKA Le Attol

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Rap (8)
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There was talk about minimum wage being reduced in Canada. This is a track about it.


Hanging On

I wanted to make a cool track with some vocal samples I pieced together (By Ghosthack - Shoutout - Much Love) And I think it turned out quite well. It uses some of the latest software which can be found Here which I an others came up with.

Breakbeat Dinosaurs


The title says it all.

The In Thing

Be Careful What You Eat.


Predictions of people not exisiting in the future and I made a track about it.


Wild Child

A Nice Rap Song about staying Young

Cause We Have Love

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This track is dedicated to a close friend of Mine who passed away, Sean Davis. I can't say enough good things about Him. He died far too Young.


I always liked Da Funk by Daft Punk and I wanted to make something that was the equivelant. I mean, You could say it is'nt but.. Still good.

So, I wanted to prove I could produce a rock track in the brit style. Nothing More nothing Less. It's pretty good and I laughed at Myself a lot. My relatives, many are British and My Dad's Irish. So I mean fun and nothing More.

Wannabe Me

A diss rap about nothing in particular.

Styles of Me

My Styles and such.



This is the initial version. Smoother radio edit coming as well.


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