2015-2016 – Electronica

So, in 2015 I started by making some ok electronica. Here’s some of that:


LE Attol – Amiss
LE Attol – DJ (remix)
LE Attol – Flagg
LE Attol – God of Party (Feat Newsense)
LE Attol – Renaissance
LE Attol – The Brave Ones (George Bush Jr)
LE Attol – Thoughtless 2

2016 – RAP

In 2015-2016 I started to get the idea I could become a rapper. And to be fair to myself, I think in some respects that is possible. However, I wrestled with the meaning of various issues lyrically that I think were relevant but less appealing to a commercial market.

The best response that I’d gotten was from a track named “fly like a bird” that i intend to re-release after it is remixed. And as far as My rap goes, I think that was really the only track of that year which was worth mentioning. And the act based upon that still has a lot of promise. And I guess it comes down to mixing and the quality of the software that I make/use.

That’s improving all of the time; so I guess there is still hope.

LE Attol – George (Fly like a bird)

2016 – Grunge Electronica

I think this is a cool genre but this song is really loud. If I were to mix it again it’d be sick, no doubt. Love this track a lot.

LE Attol – Cathena (Church of our Lady)

2018 – Rap

LE Attol – Me & J

Me & J is one of the better rap tracks that I’ve put together. I like the fact that it’s meaningful, mellow and an altruism. The story behind Me & J was actually a girl I knew as a boy in foster homes. She’d seen bad times and life hadn’t given her any luck. I saw in her later years and realized even though I was humbled by My own mistakes and a bleak future, that frankly she was doing even worse.

I guess it put everything into perspective and it makes Me glad that I started to look for ways to be constructive after I’d realized that and been humbled.

LE Attol – Fish

Fish is the first track in which I rap sing, and with little backup music. I made it to prove a point. I wanted to prove beyond a doubt that I could make rap singing that sounded good without a lot of floss to bolster it. I’m happy with fish but feel that I could remix it so that I can make it pop and take it to a new level. I mean, I haven’t heard much rap singing that sounds as impressive.

I guess My future isn’t so bleak in music but it comes down to advertising and making friends.

LE Attol – Styles of Me

So, unlike Fish I add some singing that’s not rap singing. It’s a matter of experimentation. I work with what I have and I’m not frank Sinatra; I’m no pro singer so I work with what I have. In that regard maybe Styles of Me is a successful experiment.

I guess it comes down to plainly that I’m My own experiment, proving that I can produce good music. Because when I have the time and it’s realistic, I’m going to produce and manage talent. There’s no time like the present to prove it.

LE Attol – Al Banana

Al Banana is undeniably cool. It’s proof that I’m boss in My own regard. I guess when I’m paying the cash to be promoted I’ll be able to look back and say I made quality. In a day of thieves that are day to day people it’s all someone can do. They say “I could have done it if people were still paid”. But with promotion it’s possible.

I’m not all that religious but I wonder if an age like this would have been seen as hell to a clairvoyant from a civilized area. I mean, here are all of these people legitimizing theft and just watching movies that they don’t pay for. They listen to music that they’re not willing to buy. Would that be hell? I mean, don’t get Me wrong; I’m not entirely innocent of it. But I wonder at My own age, My own era with some distaste.

I guess it’s easy to be critical of your own.

LE Attol – Freak

OK OK, I can make a stupid song too.. But I mean it’s entertaining. That’s important! 🙂

LE Attol – Venerable

Kind of a slow track but it sounds pretty good. Maybe I should have added a virtual vacuum tube for smoothness; but I’m happy. Bestowed Green though; could have used a retake for vocals in a small way. But overall, good.

LE Attol – Wannabe Me

This is a great track that in a classic sense is mostly perfect. It should be released on Distrokid soon. Hope it’s entertaining.

LE Attol – Cause We Have Love

This is a nice relaxed track. I’m always amazed that Eminem finds a way to be angry at stuff for fuel in his writing. I don’t and I guess it shows lol.


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