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The VSTplug freq is a great parametric EQ that’s able to do most anything with only peaking filters. More is planned for this equalizer. It was made for the most part as a test of functionality but will be updated to have all filter types (specifically the RBJ type “custom programmed by Le Attol”).


+ V 1: Beta Initial Release

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Download: Vstplug Freq
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*may be compatible with previous


The whiteblack is one of the better vocal processors on the market, however; its constraints are in the realm of phase cancellation due to the collision of both mid and side; along with stereo competing.

This beta however is coming along nicely, assuming that you can carefully work the controls the whiteblack works as intended; it’s merely the science of mid and side versus stereo that becomes an obstacle. A planned change will be the introduction of an algorithm which automatically avoids phase dependent on the state of the controls.

V1.1: Beta Release
+ Added design elements.

V2: Beta Release
+ Changed design elements
+ Improved workflow
+ Changed delay type to non-interpolated (compatible with all sample rates)
+ Added haas (selectable by band)
+ Added overload detectors (+2.5 dBFS) for every band
+ Reduced CPU load by 1.5%.

V2.2: Beta Release
+ Reduced CPU
+ Added high quality mid side option
+ nearly finished knob statistics.

V2.4: Beta Release
+ Removed code proving unreliable in 64-bit
+ Replaced graphical components unresponsive to the 64-bit environment
+ Finished adding live statistics to knobs
+ Changed color scheme for relevancy.

V2.6: Beta Release
+ Added attributed logos
+ Repaired x64 switches with low tech mixers for the time being.

V2.7: Beta Release
+ Removed mouse over knob highlight
+ Added tooltip function (will be adding extensive help and support explaining various methods of audio engineering).

V2.8: Beta Release
+ Improved sound design, added linear hp, lp to add color.
+ Re-designed side and mid so as to the reflect the popular style of of making side airy with careful filtering so as to make the effect “airy”
+ Updated new tool tip method so as to reflect mouse out in a more efficient way.

+ Re-arrange plug-in preset order
+ Reduce CPU usage
+ Replace terminology “hi-Q” with “HQ MS”
+ Adding language support (French, Hebrew)
[will accept translation donations :)]
+ Adding preset manager
+ Adding touchscreen support
+ Adding scaling to interface option
+ Adding mouse wheel support.
+ Add dynamic resonance changing upon amplitude for the stereo, mid side controls.

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Download: Whiteblack Beta 208
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*may be compatible with previous

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Technologies, GMBH
Now UPDATED to version 2! (11/23/2019)


The LA school esquire is one of the better limiters on the market, yet it is not a brick wall limiter, instead it’s a limiter using a rarely found pumping algorithm designed to mimic sound with a linear decay (rarefaction). And this effect is only bolstered by the static ceiling (based on %).

+ Added LU detection (soon adding optional DBFS and RMS support)

+ Improved the behavior of the pumping limiter by individualizing the dB detector type to threshold.
+ Enhanced the levels of pseudo morph ism because it looks neato and keen.

+ Reduced CPU usage (thanks Cytosonic & Aliasant).
+ Changed design (thanks Robert for color advice).

+ New refresh rate algorithm reduces lag.
+ Reduced CPU usage.

+ Better Logo Aesthetics
+ Named Presets.

+ Better math (Now Using Ruby);
+ Peak calculation using slide and line primitive
+ Rough solution for attack and release now applied.

+ Plug-in preset manager (Will require installer)
+ Extensive youtube tutorials
+ PDF user guide
+ Upwards limiting
+ Rational Mapping of threshold and ratio;

(To include three decimal places in the first 5 increments – More control)
+ Mouse wheel Support

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Download: Vstplug Esquire
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*may be compatible with previous

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Technologies, GMBH


The LA bands 2 is a fantastic equalizer, exceeding the colour and quality of most any commercial equalizer on the market. Due to its superior construction, LA bands 2 outperforms and outshines the competition by being easy on the CPU.

V 1.2:
+ Improved GUI and speed.

V 1.3:
+ Improved FL Studio 12/20 Support
+ Removed Redraw Bug.

V 1.4:
+ Fixed refresh Rate, reduced CPU use.

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Download: La Bands 2 1 4 Vst
downloaded: 290 times, file size: 0 mb, date added: 05 Oct. 2019

*may be compatible with previous

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Technologies, GMBH


The VSTplug governor (32 & 64 Bit VST2 Win) is a simple way to change decibel levels, both in the sense of averaging the lows, and carefully controlling the amplitude of the peaks.

V 1.0:
+ initial release

V 1.1:
+ 64 Bit bug fixes

+ Algorithm definition and averaging changes.

+ Pumping mode (gentler reduction only)
+ LUFS integration for greater readout accuracy
+ dBFS / LUFS average LU and True Peak readings on 3 scales

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Download: Vstplug Governor 102
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*may be compatible with previous

VST is a registered trademark of Steinberg Technologies, GMBH

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